A chemical engineer and lawyer, Mr. Coddington is a low-carbon technology and climate policy expert with commercial project and academic research leadership experience.

At the University of Wyoming’s (UW) School of Energy Resources (SER), Mr. Coddington is a co-Principal Investigator on more than $12M in projects related to carbon capture utilization & storage (CCUS) and other low-carbon technologies, with funding from the U.S. Department of Energy. He separately is funded by private foundations to conduct energy policy assessments.

As SER’s Director of Energy Policy & Economics, he leads SER’s establishment of an interdisciplinary techno-economic analysis capability, focused on energy systems. He previously directed SER’s Center for Economic Geology Research, successfully leading it through a period of organizational transition while growing: (1) staff size (from approximately six to ten researchers); (2) financial support (in both amount and source); and (3) research areas (from a focus on CCUS to a portfolio spanning grid-scale energy storage, Rare Earth Elements and policy assessments).

A dynamic public speaker, he lectures on ethics and leadership at UW.

He is an international CCUS expert, having testified twice before committees of the U.S. Congress on the topic. He is the Convenor and immediate past chair of Working Group 6 (CO2 enhanced oil recovery) of the International Organization for Standardization’s Technical Committee 265 (Carbon dioxide capture, transportation, and geological storage). He co-founded the North American Carbon Capture & Storage Association, and served on various CCUS advisory panels.

He practiced law for major international firms, ultimately living in London to advise clients on Kyoto Protocol carbon credit deals. He co-founded a boutique energy and environmental law firm, leading its Washington, D.C. office.